Love Box

Alchemilla x Celine in the Kitchen x J'adore Bio


Pre-Order will open Sat, Jan 28th @ 11AM

Pick up on February 10th @Celine in the Kitchen Differdange

The customizable Love Box is packed with goodies that will ensure you spend a wonderful time with your partner!

Included (look below for details products):

  • 1 mini crate (random color)
  • 1 mini cake of your choice by Celine in the Kitchen
  • 1 Lip Intimate Care Caring Glide Lubricant by J'adore Bio
  • 1 card game of your choice
  • 1 candle of your choice
  • 1 love card
  • 3 'Ech hunn dech sou gär' balloons

Price: 86€ (Value: 96€)

Celine in the Kitchen mini cake:

  • chocolate passion fruit
  • apple cinnamon caramel
  • chai raspberry (vegan)

J'adore Bio Lip Intimate Care Glide Lubricant:

The water based lubricant from Lip Intimate Care is a pH balanced lubricant that provides moisture and long lasting lubrication. Wet Lips has been specially designed to enhance your sexual pleasure while caring for your health and the environment.

Developed with women’s health as the no.1 priority, Lip’s water based lubricant features skin loving prebiotics to support a healthy microbiota while water retaining plant polymers & humectants help rehydrate the delicate skin around your vulva.

The natural lubricant offers a smoother and softer touch while reducing friction, which makes sex more comfortable and gentler for the body.

This 100% vegan lubricant has been formulated without ingredients like parabens, phenoxyethanol, glycols, glycerin, potassium sorbate, silicones and mineral oils.

Alchemilla Goodies:

Card Game:

  • The Marriage Box: The  guide to the rest of a life together, containing twenty beautiful cards which lay out the central ideas on how to make a relationship work over the decades beyond the wedding day. It is filled with artful suggestions on coping with what even the most loving couple will face as they build a life together.
  • Pillow Talk: This pack of cards is designed to spark the best kind of pillow talk: the sort where we explore sex with intimacy, playfulness and intellectual curiosity. Here are sixty questions to provoke some of the best conversations possible, guaranteed to leave us with a new sense of liberation and closeness.
  • Connect: This is a pack of cards to foster connection and closeness, which can (strangely but truly) be generated almost on command by the right sort of conversations. Here are 100 questions that help couples to rekindle affection. They lead naturally to chats about what we are ready to forgive, what we deeply appreciate, what remains exciting and what is especially worth cherishing. This is a deceptively simple game with life-changing consequences.


  • Thanks for all the orgasms (Black Sea)
  • You're pretty much my favorite of all time in the history of forever (Sweet Orange & Sriracha)
  • I like avoiding people with you (Cypress & Bayberry)
  • I fucking love you and I love fucking you (Sea Salt & Orchid)

Love card:

Choose from over 30 love cards when you come pick up your box.

The cakes, candles, and games are very limited, so make sure to set a reminder!