Self-Love Box

Alchemilla x Celine in the Kitchen x J'adore Bio


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Pick up on February 10th @Celine in the Kitchen Differdange

The customizable Self- Love Box is packed with goodies that will ensure you enjoy a wonderful time with yourself!

Included (look below for details products):

  • 1 mini box random color
  • 1 mini cake of your choice by Celine in the Kitchen
  • 1 Lip Intimate Care Gel-to-Milk Intimate Scrub by J'adore Bio
  • 1 card game of your choice
  • 1 candle of your choice
  • 3 'Gäilen Aasch' balloons

Price: 75€ (Value: 82€)

Celine in the Kitchen mini cake:

  • chocolate passion fruit
  • apple cinnamon caramel
  • chai raspberry (vegan)

J'adore Bio Lip Intimate Care Glide Lubricant:

The Gel-To-Milk Intimate Scrub from LIP is a gentle scrub that has been specifically developed for the bikini area. 

Formulated with exfoliating coconut shells, this vegan body scrub polishes and renews the skin while helping to prevent ingrown hairs. LIP's intimate scrub uses a water free formula to provides a more moisturised & uniformed looking tone - while also making the skin feel super soft & smooth!

Alchemilla Goodies:

Card Game:

    • Know yourself:  These cards are designed to assist us in a journey of self-knowledge; they present us with a range of ideas and questions that can help us to understand ourselves better. Each card carries an exercise on one side and a piece of analysis on the reverse to help you gain insight and clarity on that ever elusive subject: yourself.
    • Confidence The Confidence Prompt Cards keep a variety of consoling and invigorating arguments at the front of our minds, ready for the greater and smaller challenges of our lives. They remind us, for the sake of confidence, not to think too well of others; to speak to ourselves in kinder tones; and to remember that the greatest thing we should fear isn't messing up, but dying without having given it a go.
    • What do I really want to achieve: This is a tool for helping us focus on what we need to be fulfilled so that we can direct our energies and thoughts most effectively. It contains 160 cards detailing our most common ambitions and longings, along with instructions on how to reflect on our goals, arrange them in a logical order of priorities and, where necessary, weigh up trade-offs. Using the cards will help us to reveal our true purpose. The cards can be displayed, photographed or kept close to hand as a reminder of the path ahead. This is a simple-seeming but ingenious psychological tool for converting hunches and dreams into a realisable future.
    • DatingThis pack includes 52 cards, each one posing an intriguing question or setting a challenge, designed to provoke, entertain and stimulate. As a bonus, the cards are graded according to how probing they are (Easy, Medium and Hard) so that you can playfully match the discussion with the flow of an evening.


  • Know Your Worth and Add Tax
  • Ditched the Boyfriend, Kept the Cologne
  • Be Your Own Sugar Daddy
  • Can't Talk Busy Manifesting

    The cakes, candles, and games are very limited, so make sure to set a reminder!