OMG a blog! Is it 2004 already?!

OMG a blog! Is it 2004 already?!


Hello my loves! 🤗

I am so excited to launch this blog/newsletter! I feel so retro!

This platform is going to be about all kinds of topics all about Alchemilla and owning a small business in Luxembourg; how I choose the artists and brands to stock, who they are, etc, and the fun and frustrating sides of being independent in Luxembourg.

First off, I want to thank you for being part of the Alchemilla community! Honestly, you have no idea how much it fills my heart to know that you love the products I bring to the store. Consider this as my big sloppy wet kiss on your forehead! And the best part is, together we are supporting amazing artists and brands from around the world and not some big evil company. I won’t mention any names.. *cough AMAZON cough cough*

Don’t worry, I’m not going to sit here and pretend I don’t shop from Amazon and other big retailers; it is almost impossible not to make use of the convenience, range, and prices these companies offer.🤷🏻‍♀️ So, zero judgement here. Where else are you going to get 25 meters of twinkle lights in the next 48h because you just saw something on Instagram / Pinterest so you need to cover every surface of your bedroom with them, like, RIGHT NOW?! (ummmm... that happened to a friend of mine…….)😶‍🌫️✨



Sooo, I’m Marina, crisp 31 years old. My forever obsessions are books, cats, alt rock music, indie shops, quotes (you can’t imagine the self-discipline required not to use the new Instagram notes feature like my MSN status or FB updates to post quotes and song lyrics--the teenage emo in me is SCREAMING) and traveling. Just your average millennial, really.

My current obsessions are the band Nothing but Thieves, finding clothes that don’t look like they came straight out of the 90s (sorry people, never doing low-rise bootleg or cargo pants EVER again), finding cool pendular lamps that don’t cost 900€ (WHYtf are lamps so expensive?! And yes I’m old and I thoroughly enjoy it), and Hogwarts Legacy (my phoenix is my baby).

I am childless, but Alchemilla is my pandemic baby. Do you have a pandemic baby? Like a new hobby maybe? A stray kitten? A human?

Alchemilla happened because I gave in to the feminine urge to own a shop with a cat, I guess?! But also, I had a regular job at the time, so it all had to be online. Also renting in Luxembourg is a rant I'd rather not start right now, but I will at some point, so stay tuned (or tune me out, I know I would)!

Why these products? Because, you know this little rush you get when you stroll through a new city and see a shop window filled with plants and colors and you just know you’re gonna find one or fifty treasures inside… That’s the feeling I want you to have when you stumble upon Alchemilla. I want you to grin, giggle, laugh out loud, fall in love, obsess over something you find. I want you to send screenshots to your bff and say “OMG that is so you!” or find the perfect gift for her and have her ask “WHERE did you get this?!”

I love having those moments with my bffs. I love finding something that I know will put a smile on their faces. I love finding something that makes me happy, even if—no, especially when—it’s something as silly as a sponge that looks like a boob. And I want to create those moments for others as well.


On that note, talk to you soon babes!

k, love you, bye.


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