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Be Your Own Sugar Daddy Candle

Be Your Own Sugar Daddy Candle

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More than just a homeware brand, Candier is crafting décor like the Be Your Own Sugar Daddy scented candle that’s as fragrant as it is empowering.

The brand by Ryan Porter knows nothing elevates interiors like a comforting fragrance, and this one will envelop any space with scents of rose, carnation and white pepper. The hand poured candle is crafted from natural soy wax that’s blended with pure essential oils. Spark this one for up to 60 hours of fragrant wonder.

- all natural soy wax
- fragranced with pure essential oils
- no harmful toxic goop
- no parabens, carcinogens or phthalates
- lead-free cotton wick
- reusable glass container
- 60+ hours of burn time
- cruelty free

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